I need help figuring out what I need, what is the price of an initial consultation?

There is a new client flat fee of Fr. 100 for an initial consultation. The initial consultation is NOT a sales pitch. With the information you provide us per email prior to our meeting, we will brainstorm with you for ideas on what you can do to further establish your brand. We will help clarify your goals and present a proposal for our work together.


How do I prepare for my photo/video session?

Be you. That is the best way to prepare. The only thing that we are very careful with is a glossy appearance, your video will look much more polished if you use a mat powder, any translucent loose setting powder will work. Our male clients usually prefer blotting paper if anything, any type of blotting paper will work.


How much will editing the photos cost?

We charge an additional fee of Fr.80 for editing up to 10 images. We really want you to have material that you are happy with and that is affordable. Let us know what you need and we will work with you to make that happen.


How much will editing the videos cost?

We will give you an estimate for this type of work based on the results of the candid videography session. The additional fee for video editing will depend on various factors. We keep your goal in mind, your budget, and the time of delivery into account as well as the type of videos that we recorded and whether you will use stock music or contract us to develop your own jingle.


When is the best time for a photo shoot or video session?

We like using natural lightning, it’s all candid so we want people to see the real people behind the brand. Times between 9am and 3pm tend to work best, but once you engage in a project with us, we will take all these things into account before setting up an appointment to visit you.


Will you charge an additional cost if I want all of the photos/videos from the session?

No. Just ask us for the material and we will be happy to provide all the unedited photos/videos from the session (not the blurry images of course!).


Can you visit us in the field instead of an office?

Absolutely! In fact, a lot of our clients do site visits to their clients. Just make sure that your clients will be ok with taking photos/videos of them. Remind them that the focus is you and your business. We find that once your client is on board and you explain to them exactly how you plan to use the material, they tend to be very helpful. Be clear, honest and appreciative and it should work out just fine.


How does the music production process work?

Based on the music samples you send us, you will receive a midi file for a 75% revision, we will discuss with you what type of instrumentation you would like to have (electronic, live instruments, orchestral, etc), and then you will receive the final musical theme for your business. You will have all the rights to the material along with the score (music sheet). No strings attached.


What if I get bored of my musical theme?

Branding is all about consistency. The more people hear you, the more you will be present in their lives. But people do like to hear variations of the same theme, for example, for creating a mood for a message. We can create variations for your theme based on your needs.


Can you give me some examples of what others have done with their Jingles?

Clients have asked us for guitar solo versions of their theme, or variations in different genres for example jazz, tango or salsa. If we work together on coaching, we will have an easier time determining what will work for you and creating the music that will best serve you in reaching your clients. Please visit our KoncenterC.com for more on our life coaching services.


Why develop a musical theme/jingle with Koncenter Media?

It’s branding enhancement. We are experts in helping entrepreneurs thrive so we will be able to deliver something unique to you and your brand. We will also adjust the quality of the sound and the levels according to the speech in the video. Music production is a complex process that we make extremely easy to give you a practical way to enhance your brand with no hassle.


How does the graphic design process work?

We need to know what you want to express with your brand. You send us the logo you like would like to refresh and we will come up with three samples for you to review. This process is much more efficient when we do it as part of a life coaching or branding process. Please reach out to us to learn more, and visit www.koncenterc.com for more information on our life coaching services.


Do you provide any other services?

We do everything entrepreneurship-related. Maybe not everything in-house, but we have such a wide range of business partners and collaborators that we can help you find the best and most affordable solutions. If you are unsure of what you need, set up an initial consultation with us at www.koncenterc.com and we will help you figure it out. Connect with us on social media for special offers and discounts on initial consultations.


How do I make a payment?

Regardless of your location, you can send your payment instantly via PayPal at: PayPal.Me/Koncenter, or using our email address: coach@koncenterc.com. We also offer alternative forms of payment. For clients located in the US, special arrangements can be made for payments via electronic transfer or checks, please contact us for account details. For clients located in Europe cash payments are also accepted. For clients located in South and Central America, payments can be made via PayPal or electronic transfer.


Have other questions?

Reach out to us and give us 2 -3 business days to respond. Our overall aim is to help you gain traction and reach your goals quickly, efficiently and at the right price point for entrepreneurs.