Candid Photography

We provide candid, high quality, representative images of people and products to help support brand and marketing strategies – at the best price point for entrepreneurs. The process is simple, send us a message and tell us where you are, we will come visit you for an hour and capture the essence of your business through photography. Editing can be included, but lots of teams want to do the editing themselves for budget purposes. Either way, we can help. The most affordable option is a 1hr visit to your site and the delivery of unedited images within 3 working days of our visit.

Pricing: Fr.120 – Fr.1200

Duration: 1hr minimum


Candid Video

One of our crew members will visit you at your business location (or location of choice) and interview the business owner. The interviews are simple, easy to follow, there is no script. We ask the questions, you just need to be yourself and be relaxed. we will provide high quality raw videos with excellent sound that will be ready for editing. Clients have reported using these for websites, social media campaigns, email campaigns, etc. If you have other ideas for what you want in your videos or a specific campaign, let us know and we will adjust to your needs. The most affordable option is a 2hr visit to your site and the delivery of unedited videos within 5 working days of our visit.

Pricing: Fr.200 – Fr.3000

Duration: 2hrs minimum


Graphic design package

With the help of our in-house expert design team and branding partners, we can refresh your logo in two weeks. Included is the delivery of a social media package with your new image. We base the rebranding on your description of what you are looking for and present three proposals. We can deliver results tailored to your specific needs in as little as 5 working days (banner for FB, profile images, home page image). This is an easy and affordable solution for creating visual consistency in your brand.

Pricing: Fr.220 – Fr. 3000

Duration: 1 – 3 weeks


Music production

Did you know that auditory processing is an extremely useful way to enhance your branding and stay on your clients awareness? Our clients asked for background music for their media campaigns specific to their brands. They were often finding that people in the same field use the same type of stock music to send out their message. We have an experienced team of composers who will take three samples of music that you feel describes your brand, and along with your slogan, will create a jingle for your business that can be written to fit the length of an explainer video. We offer variations of your theme for as little as Fr. 40 per variation so you can start your own track library without overspending.

Pricing: Fr.300 – Fr.800

Duration: 2 – 6 weeks


Copy/Content development

Whatever the content you need to develop, we can help. Some clients need support developing the script to their videos, others need support with their social media content or website content. Others yet need support for news articles, fundraising and/or marketing campaigns. We combine content development with a coaching approach that results in a quick and effective way to get your message out there. We have over 15 years experience in grant writing and fundraising, and collectively, over 10+ years working with small business and startups. we can meet over the phone, Skype, WhatsApp or in person, depending on where you are based. The most affordable option is a 2hr conversation over the phone/Skype. Because every business is different, we will send you questions designed to fit your specific business goals to prepare for the meeting. We can either work on the content real time on the platform of your choice, or create a file that will work for your future use, for example, with your web developer.

Pricing: Fr.200 – Fr. 600

Duration: 2hr minimum


Website development

We can help you build a basic site ideal for start-ups and entrepreneurs. The most affordable option is support with your copy/content only (please look above for details). Plan for 2hrs of development time based on a real-time conversation with you and get a file that you can share with your web developer. You can upgrade and have us develop your content AND format the site for you. You need to have your domain and site. We work on WordPress for your convenience in future as it is relatively easy to manage. This option, as well as all others, can be combined with the photography, video and/or music production packages. We can help you set up your domain and site at no additional cost. We can maintain your site for as little as Fr.30 a month. Depending on your location, we can also add the photography package so you have clean and professional images for your site.

Pricing: Fr.200 – Fr.1200

Duration: 2hr minimum


Upgrade to aerial photography/video

We are excited to offer a bird’s view upgrade that provides you with the possibility of recording aerial, 4K videos in cinematographic quality that will forever change the way you view and present your business.¬†Every country has its own air regulations. As responsible drone pilots and for your safety, we adhere to the local laws and regulations.

Contact us for pricing, scheduling and availability in your location.