Should I edit photos myself?

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Unedited photo

Edited photo

Whether you edit your own photos, is up to you. As experts in the entrepreneurial process, when we go out for a photo session, we make sure to do our production work first. Production means that you ensure the environment for your photo session is as uncluttered as possible so the end result are images that require little to no editing. When you think about your project, ask yourself, what should the viewer be focusing on? What do I want to draw their attention towards? A lot of clients have a limited budget so they opt for candid photography without the additional editing cost. And that’s ok. When you are starting out and only have a limited budget, you should get quality images if possible, but the important thing, is just to get unstuck and get started. You can always edit the images yourself, and we applaud you if you have the experience. However, for the associated cost (usually minimal), it may be worth getting your photographer to edit the images for you. There are a lot of details in editing that make the process complex, and it depends on various factors, such as the type of image and what you plan to use it for. An expert can give you the results you are looking for so you can spend the time doing what you do best. Here, we show you an example of a candid photo without editing and after having undergone the editing process by one of our experts.

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